Tuesday, December 17, 2013


अदिति is a Sanskrit word which means, “The Divine Consciousness, pure, immaculate, gloriously powerful and limitless."

In the Vedas, Aditi is mother of the Gods from whose cosmic matrix the heavenly bodies were born. As the synthesis of all things, she is associated with space (akasa) and with mystic speech (Vāc). She may be seen as a feminized form of Brahma and associated with the primal substance (mulaprakriti) in Vedanta. The first mention of Goddess Aditi is found in Rigveda, which is estimated to have been composed roughly during 1700-1100 BC. Aditi can be defined as the cosmic creatrix, the creativity of the all-creating. As Aditi, she is unbound-the free one. She is called the supporter of creatures.  Aditi was regarded as both the Sky Goddess, and Earth Goddess, which is very rare for a prehistoric civilization. Aditi was attributed the status of first deity by the Vedic culture.She is addressed, in the Rigveda as "Mighty”.

People with this name tend to be very spiritually involved. They are often found lost in thought, philosophizing and can be quite eccentric. They have a few good friends who enjoy similar activities. Living much within their own thoughts and finding it challenging to communicate easily with others, they are, at times, too candid and honest in your assessment of situations. They feel this separation from others and would give anything to be always light hearted and friendly instead of serious and shy. A beautiful Goddess; Queen of the Universe, especially the queen of love who has to beat off lovers with a stick, Aditi is a graceful and elegant woman known as the Mother of Gods in Hindu Mythology. 

Source: Wikipedia!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

If Only

If secrets could be shared,
If the conversation never ends,
If the tales last forever,
And if only one could whisper to the soul.

If silence could be shared,
If heartbeats could be heard,
If no words were required,
And if only one could read the story behind every glance.

If dreams could be shared,
If laughter reached the eyes,
If hopes could be hopeful,
And if only one could be true to the self.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


The sun was about to set. The beauty of the rays reflected in her eyes. Out in the distance, the clock chimed loudly bringing back memories of a similar evening long gone by.

The boss had just screamed at her again. Thrown the papers in her face in front of the whole office. A numb silence followed where everything seemed to move in slow motion. Picking up the torn pieces of her efforts, she walked slowly out of the office. A single tear rolled down her cheek as she walked down the boulevard. People walked past her and cars zipped by. Was this what she was meant for? Would she have to pay this price for leaving behind everything she so dearly loved?
Surely this was not how it was supposed to end. What was it that was stopping her from becoming who she was meant to?

The wind blew her hair across her face. The first leaf fell. It signalled the arrival of autumn which also signalled the arrival of the most awaited time of the year. The beauty, the fervour and the enthralling fierceness flashed in front of her eyes. All in an instant it was clear to her what was holding her back.

As she lifted her pen to sign her resignation, her eyes rose up to see a fiery red streak in the sky. It was dawn. Out in the distance a clock chimed loudly. All she could hear was a conch blow. Ma had arrived.

She smiled and looked at the sun reflecting in the holy river. A conch blew in the distance as the scent of the incense wafted through the air. She was back where she belonged.

Shubho Mahalaya.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


She knew she had to say goodbye,
But she said hello anyway.
There would be no forever,
The few moments still pleased her.
This wasn't the eternal song,
The melody was good enough.
It caused her pain,
But the memories were worth it.
The laughter, the smiles and the jokes,
The tears, the longing and the hope.
She didn't realize how it started,
Nor does she know where it will go.
Before she knew it, she was caught in the web,
Of new things and happiness.
Letting go is never easy,
Her heart knew that all the while.
She tried to give up,
But never really could.
So lost in it all,
It consumed her as she stood and watched.
Faith above doubt,
And love before hate.
She found in herself,
All around what she had been looking for.
She felt what she never had before,
But knew it was right all along.
Maybe not in this one,
But in every lifetime hereafter.
She knew she had to say goodbye,
But she said hello anyway.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Parallel Life

       The window creaked open inch by inch.She thought she could do it this time.If only it would open up a bit further.Wham!It flew open!The wind blew in fiercely and stirred up a mini storm in the loft.As the dust settled,rain drops splattered around the sheets covering the floorboard.The wind blew in her hair as she stretched out her arms to feel the raindrops pelting down. 
       The water washed over her fears as tears streamed down her face.What was it she was running away from?Her true desires,her true self.How could anything which made her happy be wrong for her or for anyone else for that matter?Why was she stopping herself from feeling what she was,from feeling the joy and warmth which enveloped her whenever she let herself go, forgetting the world and just being free from the bonds she had tied herself with?
       She felt she doesn't deserve the happiness she was getting.How could it even be possible?It was as if she's living someone else's life.It couldn't possibly be true.It would soon be over and she would have to return to her old life and then, it would kill her.
       But what if, what if this was real, what if this was meant to be and she was the one pulling away from her happiness because of her fears? What if she was giving away her one chance at love, at life, at happiness and was ruining it all because she was scared to admit what she truly wanted. Was it selfish to actually get what you want? Shouldn't she feel guilty about wanting it all?
       She was restless. She had everything, and yet, her heart wasn't at peace. Stealing moments like these seemed enough till the time she saw what else life had to offer. Part of her wished it had never happened. She was fine earlier but now she was happy, happier than she ever was but she prevented herself from admitting it. She couldn't let it get under her skin, no, as she wasn't sure herself.
       But that is all what she wanted.To be free. To love with all her heart even if she got hurt. She didn't want to live her entire life with regret thinking what could have been. She wanted to give her life one shot and keep stealing moments like these no matter how small, till they became hers and didn't seem like another life.
       The rain stopped. She could hear voices downstairs looking for her. She took one last deep breath and went down.
       This time she didn't close the window.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


"A part of you has grown on me.
Together forever we shall be.Never apart.
Maybe in distance but not in the heart."

Over the years I have been lucky to have amazing friends-in school, in college, on the World Wide Web and I've found friends in the most unimaginable of places.
Didn't know a girl existed in school for 11 and a half years and now she's the first person I turn to for anything.
Hardly talked to one until school got over and now I cant imagine life without her.We meet only twice a year but we start exactly where we left off.
Someone commented on my blog-the first comment on my first blog post and now that someone is my friend, philosopher and guide and sent me one of my most precious possessions. I've never met her by the way.But it doesn't seem that way at all.
You think a person is your best friend but you won"t realize when distance creeps in between you two.Distance doesn't knock on the door and enter, it just comes. As you try and distance yourself from someone, you might just draw closer to him. Distance cannot be created. Sometimes you think there's distance between two people but they might be best friends.Distance can be deceptive.
They say away from sight, away from heart.I say distance doesn't really matter unless you let it. You might be miles away from someone and yet it doesn't feel that way and you might live under the same roof with someone where the distance can never be covered.So if you feel distance is what is keeping you away from what you want or who you want in your life, think again because distance doesn't know how far it is or how long it is unless we give it that power.

PS: This one's for you Eshi, Pri and Sim..I Love you guys and always know,no matter the distance between us, you'll be in my heart forever.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Experiencing Life As It Is

Folklore in the form of stories, poems and songs have come down to us through words that are spoken and heard and because of that a lot of things in stories, myths, tales are altered to suit the changing times as per people’s sensibilities in that generation or to make it more acceptable to society or to make it suitable for children like done in Tales of Beedle the Bard in the Harry Potter series, not realizing that children are the ones who should be told the truth as they are the future and also because at first we hide the truth about life’s realities and hardships but when they grow up we expect them to understand all these truths and be mature when at first we were the ones hiding it from them, trying to protect them when ultimately they have to face them anyway.

Though today’s generation might learn things the hard way we too have a right to experience every single thing life has to offer and learn-through good or bad lessons. Elders try to protect us from all this saying they don’t want us to make the same mistakes they made but who really learns that way?! Who wants to learn that way?!(Though I agree sometimes we ought to!)

Whatever the way may be- we learn from others or our own mistakes-the point is to get up even if we fail by putting in use our own opinions, by taking our own decisions. Just as US President Mr. Barack Obama said in his Inaugural Address Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again…”